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Appliance repairs and maintenance with Pro Appliance can be done on a wide range of electrical home or commercial appliances. Regular washer/dryer checks in your home or business can extend the life of your appliances. Even industrial appliances need a little help once in a while. Our trained and professional staff are the experts in:

• Small and large appliance repair 

• Business or industrial appliance repair 

• Regular servicing 

• Preventative maintenance

• Fixing older model appliances 

• Locating hard to find parts

Small Appliance Repair

If you have a toaster, toaster oven, blender, microwave or other appliance which can be set on a countertop, we can help you out. Bring your broken appliance into our shop for a quote and a repair.

Large Appliance Repair

We know how inconvenient it can be to haul a large appliance into our shop. That is why at we come to you. If you are in a home or business setting, we will come to you at your convenience.

Business or Industrial


If your business or industrial appliances need repairs or installation, we can help. We can service commercial models and can determine if any environmental factors are hindering their performance.

Servicing your appliances

Some appliance parts need regular servicing. Things can go wrong when a machine runs all the time. Let us help you make it right again. Appliances can wear out, and parts may need replacing - and we can help with that.


We have experience servicing the major brands in the appliance industry, as well as some of the older or lesser known names.

• Amana

• Bosch

• Frigidaire

• Jenn-Air

• Kenmore

• KitchenAid

• Samsung

• Westinghouse

• Whirlpool

• Maytag

• Miele

• Roper

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